Opening a dessert shop: How to prepare

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In almost every product listing, there are some similar products. Thanks to the candies on these shelves in the store, the variety of items will continue to grow. But we still go to some stores quite often. Many things sold in the store are similar. How can you prevent your plan from being similar to someone else’s? How to make a candy store business boom? Let’s try to find out.

How to start a candy store from scratch?

You have decided to become an entrepreneur in the product space. Open a candy store – a great idea that pays off quickly. Because candy is the most popular. It has a wide variety to meet the needs of customers of different age groups.First, you need to develop a business plan, talk carefully about costs, estimate sales levels, take into account competition and the number of potential customers, and then decide whether you can make a profit. This will help determine what startup capital is needed. If you are planning a store for further expansion, it makes sense to develop a business plan by adding more computing.Don’t forget that selling candy as a business can be profitable for the entire family. So, what steps are waiting for you?

Business registration

Newcomers to the field need to register as a sole proprietor or ooo (limited liability company). The next step is to obtain a taxpayer certificate. There are different types of taxes, but it is more convenient to use the general tax system.The established standards of fire protection, health services and other organizations must be followed. All requirements must be implemented in accordance with the law. After all the work is done, you can invite the staff of these agencies for a consultation to make sure everything is done correctly and to fix other bugs.

Select Room

Before you start looking for space, decide on the format of your future project. Newbies to this business usually start out in small candy stores. Factors to be aware of:

Place. The best option is to place the store in a residential area, for example, on the first floor of a new building. Their hosts are happy to offer rooms for rent. Also keep in mind malls and grocery stores.

Compete. See who your neighbors will be. If there is a large supermarket nearby, it may affect income. Buyers trust reliable places. It is best to have various institutions nearby: office buildings, schools, kindergartens. Best combination: sweets and nearby food. These products complement each other as people usually buy candy after buying the essentials they want.

If you’re planning to open an expensive chocolate shop, you’ll be more cautious in choosing a room. It would be more profitable to place it as close as possible to the city center with stable companies and businesses. For customer the key issue is not the low cost of the product, but the quality of the product.

Buy Equipment

Most of the investment behavior is usually dominated by retail stores. Also, it’s nice to have experience buying high-quality equipment. To keep costs down, you can use rental services, some companies offer similar services. Another way to save is to buy used equipment, which costs several times less. There are many similar suggestions on the web, such as starting a business where you buy, but a shortage of demand forces retail to stop. Some common elements like counters will work for you if the device stays the same.

Main components of commercial equipment:


Air conditioner

Racks for chocolate products, biscuits, cakes, cakes

Countertops with showcases


Trading scale



Dedicated refrigerators for sweet drinks or ice cream

Coffee machine

Furniture for tasting or organizing a mini-cafe in the hall: tables, chairs, hangers, plates, etc.

Goods that sell candy: packets, napkins, spoons, gift wrap

Supplier Search

There are three criteria that can be used to find suitable suppliers and attract buyers:

Sign. It is advisable to work with large regional wholesalers as this provides the opportunity to deal with well-known brands. It’s no secret that people decide what is recognizable, so sweets that are actively promoted on TV and in the media are selling better and better. However, buying from smaller suppliers not only saves you money, but you also get interesting original products. Stick to the golden mean, because everywhere has advantages and disadvantages.

Price. Several factors affect pricing. It is necessary to calculate the distance of the supplier from free shipping. If not, what is the cost? Some people have hidden payments even though they offer less.

Scope. The wider the selection of products, the greater the chance of selling. The starter set for your confectionery product contains 30-40 product units. It is very important to keep the classification stable.

Try to weed out unpopular products and fill the shelves with new high-quality candies. Pay attention to different buyer preferences and you will get a product that is both cheap and sophisticated. Also, consider not only your tastes, but also the preferences of different categories of people around you.

Employee Choice

First, colleagues should work independently of each other. This is the only way to understand all major processes and take control of the business at an early stage. Over time, you will need assistants. If the store is smaller, 2-3 employees will suffice. The work schedule must be sealed. Best of all, if the seller is to be responsible for permanent order and product management, it is also important that the employee has the following characteristics:




Social skills

Run An Advertising Campaign

It’s not worth spending a fortune on expensive advertising. First, there will be a fairly simple road sign. Also note the “Operation Mode” of the tablet. Proven solutions that appeal to many are still an attempt. There’s no harm in scheduling seasonal, festive sales or creating gift sets. It’s important to tell customers that you can always find interesting and profitable offers. This will expand the audience.

Websites of companies we can work with. Be sure to pay attention to the function of the Internet resource, because it is by its content that employees are judged. If you can’t make a good website by yourself.

It’s important to keep in mind a multifunctional advertising agency. It’s easier to work with someone who can do anything and provide a variety of services. So you will save a lot of time and effort. Prints can only be ordered individually. This is better than printing flyers and business cards on a printer, as long as the print shop has minimal circulation. You can compare the prices of several of them and place an order. Cheaper products may not be of worse quality.clink here to learn more about dessert shop.

Under these terms, marketing and expenses are not your headaches. The products you will be selling will no longer require additional advertising, and people in line will be neatly at the back. But the best way to attract customers for the first time may be the prizes. It should be slightly lower than the competition. This way customers can notice us.


Candy stores are great for big cities and small towns. The product is in increasing demand and could be a good market for novice traders. We recommend that you open a trading point in the market, or a small shop or department with follow-up development.

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