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The reception counter furniture is the first impression of a company, which can represent the first impression of the company’s style, so the furniture at the front desk needs to be coordinated with the company’s overall decoration style to make the company’s corporate image better.

The good reception desk is not only beautiful, but also attracts attention and adds value to the corporate image.The reception desk is one of the modern corporate positions, usually responsible for customer visits and registration, telephone transfer and other matters.

The reception counter style 1, marble reception counter

Most of them are arranged in a wide 1-storey office lobby. The marble front desk is the most high-grade of its kind. The price of a set of marble materials ranges from 2000$-5000$. Because of the high price, it is used for the high-grade places.

The reception counter style 2, baking paint reception counter

The base material of the baking paint reception counter is sprayed with environmentally-friendly paint on the surface of the MDF. It is repeatedly baked in the paint booth. The foreground color after the molding is bright, smooth and very beautiful.


The reception counter style 3, solid wood reception counter

The style of the solid wood reception counter is relatively rare. Its workmanship is medium-density board with solid wood skin, and the craft is consistent with the solid wood desk and the solid wood manager table.


  • The function of the reception desk:

First of all, it must fully meet the requirements of its installation and work use. In addition, consider the customer’s requirements for counter use, such as counter nameplates and business guides, where customers stand, wait, and rest.


  • The shape of the reception desk:

Due to its importance and its prominent position, its shape and materials are often very elegant. Despite this, the experienced designers of our company will carefully design the partial shape of the counter, especially on the cabinet and the countertop. Through different undulating shapes and material combinations, it will create an ever-changing shape and shape it. A new style. Our chief designer believes that the shape of the reception desk should be based on a stable and important party, but also there is no lack of uniqueness and new ideas, but also to strengthen and beautify the corporate image.


  • The materials used at the reception desk:

Due to the styling characteristics and location, the materials should generally be of a higher grade and durable, and often pay attention to moisture and moisture. Generally use stone, high-grade wood, or according to the different requirements of different parts, use different materials, such as wooden cabinets with stone cabinet feet and countertop, or wood structure inlaid with high-grade stone or decorative metal edge.


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