Lights suitable for display around jewelry display cabinets

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Once I saw a couple accompanying their girlfriend to choose jewelry, but after sitting down for a while, I felt sweating all over. There were a lot of headlights shining jewelry on the top of my head. The heat dissipation was very large. When the lights were shining for a long time, the sweating would occur.

Sometimes, if the strong energy-consuming lights were shining for a long time, the customers felt at the jewelry display counter. They are all hot, and the lights are very dazzling. There is a kind of cold light source lamp, which not only saves energy, but also has good effect. It is very in line with the idea of energy saving and the requirements of environmental protection.

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Nowadays, the concept of energy saving is very popular. For example, when we turn on air conditioning, we all advocate that the temperature should not be too low in summer and too high in winter, which is conducive to energy saving.

However, some shopping malls still use high-energy-consuming bright lights, which generate a lot of heat and waste electricity. Some places have issued policies to limit the use of high-energy-consuming lamps. Strengthen the promotion of the use of cold lights,

sometimes there is no need to use high-intensity and high-calorie lights, cold lights can meet the needs of shopping malls, but also to protect customers from the scorching heat, but also save energy, its price is cheaper than high energy consumption, and the installation cost is also low, so many benefits of cold lights, has now been used by many businesses, because know There are so many benefits of cold lighting, and the display effect of jewelry display cabinet will be better under the cold light.

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