Light box design ideas for mall kiosk and jewelry store

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Jewelry kiosk light box basically has two kinds of functions. One is to use when signboard, show company image. Another is to publicize a product to use. One kind is  light box around column, Column light box only has one piece a time, at most two together.  The main propose is to convey product information. Another one is the back cabinet light box. Normally 5 pieces together to conveys brand image,  and half conveys product information. The surface material of light box has a lot of kinds, photo, ACP model board, Acrylic, lacquer, glass lamp are all widely used materials.

How to design and build light box in a mall kiosk ?

We have talked little about the production of light boxes for jewelry display cabinets before. That is because it is easier to equip light boxes with different brands and store environments.  After all, light boxes can not be replaced at any time. However, as one of the jewelry store display equipment and publicity media of the light box, The production is also exquisite. Today, i will  discuss about some exquisite in the production of light box .

Cautions for making light box of jewelry display cabinet

We know that the retail kiosk design of light box display screen was pretty big. Especially as a separate part appears in the public eye.  Sometimes as a corner or edge or boutique image decoration and exhibition, The role is not just a light box so simple. At this point, The light box has become a shining independent, unique scenery line all around.

The production of the internal structure of the light box is relatively less rigid, especially in nail bar kiosk and eyebrow threading kiosk . usually customized is relatively simple, so the light box painting is particularly important. When we choose or make light box paintings, we should also pay attention to some points.

Important notes in light box manufacturing.

Firstly, we should determine the theme, object and style of publicity we choose and produce. Secondly, we should make our own light box. In short, we should make the picture object that fits our brand. Finally, the production style of light box picture should keep pace with The Times.

Actually, there are some details that we should pay attention to in the process of making light box paintings. For example: the product picture of the light box must be very clear, can reflect the characteristics of the product incisively and vividly, so as to arouse the desire of customers to buy.

Just like the advertisement of dove chocolate, it seems that you can smell the fragrance and feel the smoothness. Which makes you linger on. If you pass by the window of chow tai sang and see the large size poster picture, the image of Lin zhiling will be really vivid lifelike.  Now Every go to a restaurant to eat need to look at the menu first, the one look bright, clear picture, clean, clear will get the favor of consumers. This is called the visual effect.


Cautions for making light box of jewelry display cabinet

Light box design and install ideas for mall kiosk and jewelry store

In the light box column and bracket light, we usually want to pay attention to some details. Jewelry display cabinet column light box screen is generally larger, So it is best to choose the brand T8 bracket light which has high brightness and long life; The light box of the back cabinet can be equipped with T5 bracket light; Because the heat loss is also very large, so pay attention to the heat sink hole.

When deign and build a mall kiosk or retail kiosk, Even for store fixtures. We need to pay special attention to the replacement, assembly, transportation of light box . And the design and production of the light box , must ensure that the jewelry display cabinet light box display screen needs to be convenient to replace. Once a new product is launched, or a certain period of time to do activities in the mall, it is generally necessary to change the propaganda screen;

Therefore, we should carefully design the fixed way of the picture to make it easier to change. Light box on the back of the cabinet is generally small, can consider the chip type light box, or dark slot type structure; Pillar light box is larger, can consider frame structure, or open door structure. We can use iron qualitative spray model craft, also woodiness to bake lacquer craft to wait.


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