Wooden Shoe Shop Furniture Wall Cabinet for Sale

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Are you looking for shoe shop furniture? People have leather shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes, and hiking shoes to meet the needs of different occasions. If you are looking for solid wood shoe shop furniture, this shoe shop wall cabinet can help you well. Today, I want to share some nice shoe shop furniture with you.

Shoe shop furniture design

This shoe furniture includes wall cabinets, a display table, and a cashier counter. We can place it in a suitable location according to your shop size. We mainly use solid wood to build the shoe shop furniture. Its uses for both display and store shoes.

bag shop furnitureWall cabinets

There are wall cabinets on 3 sides, that can display shoes in a good way. Because the cabinets have multiple shelving, each layer height allows placing 3 column shoe boxes. You can store the same shoe style in different sizes here. So that when poeple in need, you can find immediately, it can help you to improve efficiency. It has a panel extending out where you can show the style of the shoe to the customer.  On the countertop has lightbox posters for advertising.

bag storeDisplay table

There are display tables in the shoe store. We can place shoes on the countertop so that clients can select easily. Under the table is empty for placing shoes with boxes for sale. While the middle, we can also add a plate to show shoe styles.

Shoe stool with mirror

Shoe stool is very important in a shoe store. Because clients can sit down and try on shoes. Each stool has 2 mirrors on the body. You can also set up an individual mirror for convenient usage.

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