Luxury Shoe Store Furniture Leather Shoes Display Counter for Sale

shoe store furniture

Shoe store furniture is popular because it can show shoes in a good way. No matter whether to open a shoe shop in the mall or street shop, we can purchase the shoe display fit location size. Here is a nice shoe shop decoration sharing with you.

Decoration of shoe store furniture

Glass window display

When decorating the shoe store, focus on the glass window display. Because clients first notice you from the glass window. Recommend to add glass display shelving, stairs shape display counter, and individual case.

shoe shop fixtureCenter display counter

The Center display counter makes your shop looks full and can also show more items to clients. When entering the shop, the front has multiple layers of counters, you can place all kinds of shoes surrounding it. While the bottom can use to store shoe boxes so that employees can find shoes to meet consumers’ needs.

Slat wall stands and double-sided shelving are very useful. Because you can not only hang products but also a good place to promote brand image. Socks, insole, and small decorations can place here.

shoe store display rackWall cabinets

Wall cabinets are set against the wall. It is mainly used to decorate the wall and increase the display showcase area. You can also leave space to hang posters and business names to let people remember you well.

There is floating at different heights, which can show shoes in a good way. Another style is wall shelving in the wall, you can add lighting under each shelving to highlight the items.

shoe store design

Lighting decoration

There is a ceiling light to increase the whole shop light. And there is a spot light with rails, you can fix the light anywhere you want.

Usually, the cold-white light is popular in the shoe store. However, you can choose suitable lighting according to the decoration.

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