Wooden material mobile phone kiosk cell phone case display booth

A cell phone is a necessary communication tool for people. So many people start to open a cell phone business. You can sell cell phones, cell phone cases, iPad cases, earphones and offer the phone repair service. You can make a small cell phone kiosk in the shopping mall to start the business first.

Our company can guide you on how to start the business and customize a new cell phone accessories kiosk for you. Now let us see a cell phone accessories kiosk design together.



This is a mobile phone accessories kiosk open in the shopping mall. For the outside surface is the display area, we will add the lights for the display area then the customer can see the products clearly.

The inside of the mobile phone accessories kiosk has a small cashier counter and a phone repair counter. So that you can provide the phone repair service also. We can make the layout of the cell phone accessories kiosk as your need.



The material of this cell phone accessories kiosk is MDF with baking paint. For the glass display showcase, we will use 8mm tempered glass. And for the logo on the cell phone accessories kiosk, we can use the acrylic lighted logo or stickers logo also okay.



We will install a whole cell phone accessories kiosk in our factory. It includes all the wires and sockets, led strip lights, same lock with key, stainless steel toe kick. So it includes everything just not include the products. You can use the cell phone accessories kiosk directly when you receive it.

Please open all the packages and put them together. Then connect the male and female connector to your mall power supply then the kiosk will work.

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