Wooden grain decoration customized retail woman wallet kiosk to PakistanGood morning everyone! Nice to meet you here. Are you looking for woman wallet kiosk for your business? As we all know, every woman likes to buy bags of different colors and styles to coordinate with the style of clothes. They even change bags and wallet in different occasion, so there is a good idea to open a kiosk for woman wallet and bags in the shopping mall. Besides, we need to purchase a unique designed kiosks to better showcase our products. Today, I want to share a special woman wallet kiosk to you.

Description about the kiosk

We can see the whole kiosk use wooden grain decoration, and the whole kiosk consist of stand shelves for placement. The whole kiosk can be divided into two parts. One part including cashier counter, display stand and racks, stand wall with hooks. The other part are the same display, only a stand replace the cashier counter, which fits the beauty of rotational symmetry. Do you like this design? Let’s view more details:

  1. Basic material: Plywood, laminate
  2. Other material: Acrylic logo, metal frame, stainless steel, man made stone, etc.
  3. Size: 3.6m×2.5m
  4. Color: Wood grain color or other color you like
  5. Style: Modern and customized style
  6. Design details: According to customer’s own idea

wooden wallet kiosk

How to install the kiosk?

As we can see in the photo, we can install the whole kiosk in our workshop and take photos or video for all the details to customers. Then, we will make sure all the light and sockets works well before packing. Next, we will clean the counters and start packing. For better delivery, the kiosks should be divided into several parts and packing many cartons. When you receive the goods, you can put them together and use it. It’s very easy to complete by two people.

If you need to know further information and view more designs, please contact us, our designer can draw a new design for you. And when you have any good news, please feel free to share with us, we are here and ready to help.

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