Wooden custom unique design phone repair kiosk

Mobile phone is becoming an very essential part in our life.we can use it do many things .

Like calling,go shipping,knowing the news from all over the world and so on .mobile phones bring us closer to the rest of the world.almost everyone now has a mobile phone.while its cost too high, once the phone is broken,  we must go to repair store to fix it.that makes phone repair business are come out.And more and more young people to start his own business for repairing phones.


Below phone repair kiosk is one of my USA customers ,which used in pen station,New York city ,USA

Which its size around 12 by 5 ft, it is not so big just only for 1-2 staffs space inside.

There are 3 sides to display his mobile phone accessories products.as its location reply on wall .

So our designer made a wall display for him to display Ipad. with top each side show his shop name brand .

It is made is 3D acrylic with lights , it will let all customers can remember his brand and shop name.

It is very simple and mini style ,most of our customers like it very much .

if you want to buy pls feel free to contact us .



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