Wooden and high-end cell phone store design with fixtures for sale

Our daily life can not do without a mobile phone, we need a cell phone for work or amusement. So many people will choose to sell a mobile phone when they start a new business. If you are planning to open a cell phone store, but don’t know how to start, please follow us below. 


3D mobile phone store customize design:

This is a plan view of the mobile phone store. Cell phone shop not only can sell cell phone but also can sell some phone accessories like cell phone cases, earphones, USB cable and so on. This shop is mainly of wooden and white color. And with some lighted box menu and white color Led strip lights.

The wooden color of the mobile phone store display showcase we can use laminate or veneer. If we use the laminate, it will have a black line from the junction of the two colors. Or another choice we usually use veneer to make the wooden color.

What is the advantage of veneer?

Each veneer is unique, just as each tree is unique. Even in a log, each layer is different. Therefore, there are infinite design possibilities that give your store furniture a unique appearance. Compared to laminate, a natural veneer can be custom polished or varnished, making it easier to change the shade from light to dark. 


Wood veneer is a popular interior material used to provide surface treatment for a variety of wooden products. Timber veneer is a very thin piece of wood obtained from a log. It is bonded to different types of engineered wood, such as plywood, MDF, joinery board, particleboard, etc., to give the appearance of finishing and decoration. Many interior designers use wood finishes to enhance the aesthetics of cabinets. There are different types of veneers, depending on the type of wood, depending on matching, depending on cutting, and so on.


The detailed description of the cell phone display furniture:

Our company is a customized store display furniture factory. We have our own design team and a production team. Our aim is to help our customers to get what they want. Usually, if we want to make a cell phone store, the first step is to start the 3d design of the mobile phone shop according to your shop floor plan. Our design team will arrange the layout according to the customer’s requirements.

For a standard cell phone store, we need a main storefront logo. This logo will let your customer see your brand easily and come into your shop. 3d acrylic lighted logo is the best choice. Inside the store display furniture, we need a cashier counter or we say it is reception counter also ok. This counter needs to located in the middle of the shop. When the customers coming, they can see.  Meanwhile, the most important is your products. We need to display the products clearly, then the customer can choose what they want easily.




For the display showcase of the products, we have some suggestions. For example, we take the phone cases as example, we can make some slatwall display or shelves display. Slatwall display showcase can display more cell phone cases because we use the hooks to hang it on and a row can hang on many pieces. The advantage of a shelf display showcase is this kind of display can let the customers select the products easily. You can choose both of them for your mobile phone shop.


The steps to make a mobile phone shop design:

1: Inform us of all the detailed requirements and demands, and send me the floor plan of your shop.

2: We will charge a design deposit (500usd-800USD), the exact amount depends on the size of the store/shop.

3: Our design team will take 3-5 working days to make the initial design.

4: We will send the design to customers to confirm, if not satisfied we will modify the design.

5: After the order confirmed, we will deduce the design fee from the total amount.


You can rest assured after you order from our company. Our sales team will always keep their eyes on the order and we take pictures every day so it is a daily record for your order. If you want to know your order production details you can ask for photos from our people and we work 24 hours for you. Thanks!


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