Wood Retail Clothing Display Rack Men’s Clothing Stores Fixtures

The clothing store decorated the storefront just like a person’s face, which was the first impression. When the decoration is finished, there will be a lot of customers in the store to see. And the flow of people is a kind of store publicity. The better the shop is decorated, the better the business.

This is a wood retail clothing display rack men’s clothing store fixtures. Let us have a have at the design together and you can get some ideas from it.



The color theme of this clothing shop is wooden color match a little black color. It has a small cashier counter with a logo said ” CLOTH SHOP “. The wall fixture is wooden color with a curve shape. And the clothing hanger is stainless steel material. It has a fitting room and also uses the wooden color board.

On the top ceiling of this clothing store, you can install the spotlight and track lamp. Lighting is very important for a store design. We have to make the store full with the bright lights but cannot too bright. On the front window of the clothing store, we can put some mannequins.


You can check the clothing shop design on our website and choose your favorite. But anyway, we need to start a customized design for you. Because every customer has their own shop location and the size is different. Our design team will make a new 3D model according to your exact store size.

The 3D design will include the design for the store furniture, ceiling, flooring and wall mounting. You can see the whole effect of the 3D design for the clothing store.

To sum up, a customized store design is a very necessary part for you to start such a clothing shop project. Our team is professional to do this job and we will work together with you to make a fantastic design!

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