Elegant dress shop boutique fashion store furniture metal clothing display rack

A perfect women’s clothing store design, generally includes a fitting room, a front desk, clothes hangers, etc. For these areas in the design of the designer needs to make a reasonable allocation. The size of each space should be planned in detail according to the requirements. The design elements of women’s clothing stores should fully meet the psychological needs of women, so as to arouse girls’ desire for consumption.

This is an elegant dress shop boutique fashion store furniture metal clothing display rack. If you are planning to open a women’s clothing store, you can check this design for reference.



Color matching design:

The color of the store decoration should be coordinated with the color of the overall clothing so that customers can feel the main color of the store clothing when they step into the store. The color theme of this women’s clothing shop is warm style. When the customer goes into your shop, the shop design needs to let them feel comfortable and relaxed.

Clothing display rack design:

The clothing hanger of the women’s clothing store we need to make it to match the whole shop design. We can see the clothing hanger of this shop, they are on the wall, and the material uses metal or stainless steel. In the middle of the women’s clothing shop has the island display stand for clothing and shoes. We need to leave enough space for the customer to walk, cannot let the store be too narrow.


If you want to open a women’s clothing store, the first thing is to make a customized store design. Our design team will make a new 3d model with your favorite shop style. You can see the whole effect – the ceiling design, the wall design, the clothing rack design and so on.

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