Wood Grain Fresh Juice Kiosk for Bubble Tea Business

Welcome to our website, a customized kiosk manufacturer, all mall kiosks are manufactured by our own factory. So our kiosks have quality assurance. We provide shop interior design and kiosk design services for you. Next, I will introduce a juice kiosk design to you.

The design layout of this juice kiosk

This kiosk has one entrance door and the size is 4x3m. The kiosk is a mix color of green, black, and wood grain. This juice kiosk includes a working counter, cashier counter, and display cabinet. A special place is the kiosk was added to a black middle counter for you to put tools and products. The space may be a little crowded, but we design according to our customer’s requirements.   juice kiosk

Details information of this juice kiosk

Our design idea: We all design kiosks as our clients’ needs. Every customer coming to look for our help will send their favorite style picture or their need for the kiosk. Then, we make the design to render the 3d vision effect for him. Our 3d design photo includes the light show and machine layout and your logo show. All the machines on the countertop do not include the price of the kiosk, you need to buy them by yourself. But we leave kinds of machines place during design. So you need to tell us your requirements during the design including the quantity of the machine.juice kiosk

Our material:  We usually use plywood and laminate to make food kiosks, because the material has a strong strength and is not easy to deform. We use the plywood to make the wood cabinet first, and then finish the laminate on the surface. The counter-table material we usually use is Corian. Besides the laminate, we also use some grass and painting light box and your brand logo figure to decorate the surface

Welcome to contact me if you have interest, I will answer any questions.

name: Mia

email: sales06@myidea-kioskcom


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