4x2m juice kiosk shopping mall food bar counter design service

Speaking of juice, this is a favorite of many women and children. At ordinary times, many people go to a special drink shop to buy a cup of juice to enjoy when they go out to play. Of course, when choosing fruit juice, if it is fresh juice, it will naturally have great benefits for the body after people drink it. So to start a juice bar business is a good idea. 

This is a 4x2m juice kiosk shopping mall food bar counter design service. Hope you can get some ideas from this design of the juice bar kiosk.



The size of this shopping mall retail food stall juice kiosk is 4 x 2 m. You can check the picture of the juice kiosk and how it looks. On the front is 2 glass display stands for the foods like bread, cake, dessert and so on. And on the side has a fridge for the beverages, to display the cola, juice, beer something like that.

Under the countertop and the stainless steel toe kick has the warm white led strip light. And the surface finish we make it with the logo, advertising TV or we can put the menu as you like.


Please send the equipment list for the juice kiosk if you have it. When we design the juice kiosk, we will put your equipment on the 3d juice kiosk design. You can check the 3d juice kiosk design and let us know if anything needs to change or not.

Making a customized 3d juice bar stall design is a very important step and the first step we need to do. Please welcome to contact us to make a perfect 3d juice kiosk design to get start your own business.

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