Hello friends, nice to meet you here. Are you going to start your own business? Nowadays, I received many inquiry about cell phone kiosk. To be honest, opening a mobile phone booth in the mall center is a good choice. With fast development of high technique, cell phone and phone accessories has a great market in the world. Today, I want to introduce a cell phone kiosk with you. It can help you showcase the items and serve better.

Advantanges to make a unique mobile phone kiosk

When we go shopping, what attracts us most is the store that beautiful and attractve. So, it’s very important to choose a unique cell phone kiosk. A unique kiosk can not only help you provide service and place goods, but also let people know you better. When add brand logo and name to the kiosk, people should leave deep impression on you. The phone booth is good to sell phones, phone cover, phone accessories and provide phone repair services. Let’s view more details together

Introduction about cell phone shop in mall

  • Size: 5m by 3m
  • Color: Wooden and white color
  • Function: Display showcase goods and provide phone repair service
  • Material: Plywood
  • Surface material: Laminet and solid wood bar
  • Other materials: Tempered glass, stainless steel, light strip, slot wall stand and acrylic, etc.

As we can see in the drawing, the phone kiosk has working counter, display showcase, storage area, and poster area. The layout, color, showcase area should follow on your ideas.

mall kiosk phone booth mobile phone showcase smart phone stand

Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd., is a customized kiosk manufacturer. We have more than 20 years experience in cart stand, shop futnirue and mall kiosk field. Customers from all over the world choose us because of high quality products and good servicecs. I am sure that we can meet your demands. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us here. Thank you

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