White Stone Coffee Kiosk Pancake Showcase for Sale

cake showcase

Do you like luxury and high-end coffee kiosks? In fact, good looking coffee kiosk helps businesses because it can attract people to buy coffee from you. Before opening, we can rent a 3m by 3m locations in the mall. Here is a coffee kiosk sharing with you.

Coffee kiosk design

This coffee kiosk includes a roof, display showcase, storage cabinets, equipment. We can also add brand signage, lighting, menu board on the kiosk for usage. The main material includes plywood, stone, stainless steel, metal frame, acrylic logo, lighting box, etc. We can also use custom materials to build this coffee kiosk.

Layout information

Front area counter

cafe standWe can see there are display counters with brand signage at the surface. Clients ordering coffee from here. Next to it is a glass showcase, you can place cakes, cupcakes here. Under the counter are lock cabinets, refrigerators can also be set under the counter.

Back counter area

The back counter has many machines on counter table. This area uses for preparing food and drinks here. The water sink can also be set here for washing. The counter body material is white stone finishes, which increases your shop theme and level.


The roof ceiling has stainless steel with white lighting panel decoration. We can hang lighting, and brand letters here for brightness. There are 4 columns to support the ceiling, which makes the coffee shop looks luxurious.

coffee kioskKicking

There is solid wood-kicking decoration with lighting. We can also use stainless steel kicking to protect the kiosk

Side view

We can see that the sides of the counter are higher than the workbench. When chairs are added, customers can sit down and enjoy their meals. Coffee kiosks with dining tables and chairs are very popular in shopping malls and are also loved by customers. It is good for businesses to add seats if allowed by the mall.

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