Best sale coffee kiosk customize retail food booth for mall

Westerners like to drink coffee as a habit. Coffee was introduced into North American countries in the 17th century, and Americans had the habit of drinking coffee in the 18th century. Coffee is a popular drink for many people. Do you like coffee?

The coffee shop is also a part of People’s Daily life. Whenever there is a need, people will go to the coffee shop to have a drink. The coffee shop is the most common public place for modern people. You can open a small coffee shop or a coffee kiosk to start a business. Let us check below for a coffee kiosk design.



This coffee kiosk uses plywood as the basic material and wooden color laminate as the surface finish material.

On the front side are a 3d acrylic lighted logo and tiles decoration. The right side is the glass display showcase. You can display some dessert or cake.

On the back side of the coffee kiosk are the storage cabinet and a back wall. For the back wall, you can put some poster or menu then the customer can choose the food what they want.



Some customers may worry about the installation of the coffee kiosk. But actually, the installation of a coffee kiosk is really easy. You need an electrician and 2-3 people can finish it in 2-3 hours.

We will install a whole coffee kiosk in our factory. It includes all the logo, lighted box, lights, wires and sockets and so on. And then we will pack a whole set divided into a few parts.

When you receive the coffee kiosk, please open all the packages, and put them together. And then connect the male and female connector to your local power supply then the coffee kiosk will work.

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