White Curved Sunglasses Display Showcase Eyewear Kiosk to the USA

Good morning everyone! Are you looking for a sunglasses display showcase? Sunglass has a big market in the world. Sunglasses can protect our eyes from the sun and are also an ornament. People like to wear sunglasses when traveling, especially on the beach. Boys also like to wear glasses when driving and partying. If you are going to open a sunglasses kiosk in a shopping center. Please don’t miss this curved sunglasses display showcase.

Unique shape sunglasses display showcase

This sunglasses display showcase covers an area of 3m by 2m. The main tone is white and black. It has two parts, one is a large curved display counter. Another is a rectangular display stand. Each has a 3 layer display table on both sides, which increases the display area. The bottom is locked drawers for storage, in front are posters and brand name.

There are three mirrors on the top side, people can try on glasses and choose their favorite style. The mirror is very important for the glasses cabinet. The countertop has 3 PC screens for the TV player. It shows video advertising to attracts people. There are black display shelves on the top counter, you can put lightbox posters face to the customers. You can update the posters to make the shop different every day.

Sunglasses kiosk description:

Material description:

  • Basic material: MDF or plywood
  • Surface material: Baking paint or laminate
  • Kicking: Stainless steel
  • Light: The white light strip

Different material makes the sunglasses kiosk looks different. High glossy baking paint looks bright and luxurious while matte baking high level the retail shop. Please feel free to ask for help if you have no idea about it.

signage introduction:

There are many different styles of signage material. What you should do is to choose a better material to show your logo. Such as hollow luminous logo, acrylic logo, stainless steel logo, 3D light logo, backlit logo, neon logo, and wood logo. Our designer can help you choose one and show it directly in the drawing. You can also tell us your choice to follow.

Design idea and steps:

A good display cabinet design is the most valuable asset because it is synonymous with your brand. Consumers can also experience your products and services through the showcase. This is why we need custom glasses to display showcase.

This kiosk design idea from one of our customers from America. He likes classic and simple styles and hopes that it is both economical and practical, and can show his brand well. He sent us many favorite styles for reference. Hope we can understand his thoughts accurately.

Fortunately, he found us first, which is equivalent to having both a professional designer team and a high-tech architect team. We created a new 3D design drawing within 3 working days. He is very satisfied because of our high efficiency and good service. We also quickly confirmed the order. Usually, the 3D design before placing the order requires a 300usd design fee, which is also part of the total price.

Package of sunglasses display kiosk 

Step 1: Divide the display cabinet into several parts according to the construction drawings and clean up

Step 2: Use foam padding and soft EPE to wrap the counter. They can protect the counter

Step 3: Use hard shockproof cotton to protect the corners. Corners are usually the most vulnerable places, so they need to be protected.

Step 4: Wrap the display cabinet and foam cotton with transparent film

Step 5: The outermost package is a wooden box, the thickness of the wood is at least 9 mm. The wooden box and the display counter are filled with about 4mm foam. The counter will not shake during transportation

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