Sunglasses kiosks in shopping malls are usually very tall and elegant, attracting passersby. Most sunglasses booths and sunglasses cabins will be designed with a combination of wood and stainless steel. The most popular colors in recent years are natural white and wood. The most important thing for the glasses booth is to have sufficient light, only sufficient light can show the advantages of glasses. A good glasses display cabinet will help you attract more customers. We can customize sunglasses booths according to the needs of customers. So we can put your logo and brand on the kiosk. This will allow more people to notice your brand.

Sunglasses Display Showcase

There are more material can build the sunglasses kiosk. Like the plywood, MDF, stainless steel and the glass, all of there are the material that made into the sunglasses kiosk. For the layout of the sunglasses kiosk, the interior can stand the employees who can serve the customer. The outside for the kiosk, you can put the sunglasses showcase to display the glasses for customer to choose. Besides that, we also need to add the logo on the kiosk. Its convenient for customer to be familiar with your logo and brand. If you bread your brand, the people will remember your brand and product.

There are some material will you use.

The MDF, and the plywood as a basic material, the surface we will use the baking paint and the laminate. If you like the stainless steel, the surface will do electroplated metal baking paint.

MDF+Baking paint

If you like the smooth and bright surface, you can choose the MDF and baking paint as a main material. Like the picture orange and white. You can see the glass, we will install the glass showcase for the sunglasses. for the each layer top, we also install the light strip to make the kiosk more bright. The logo is clear at a glance, people can see it clear.

Plywood +Laminate

If you like the wood color, the plywood will be more suitable for you. For the outside for the kiosk, we will do the laminate for the sunglasses kiosk. In order to pick it out easily for customer, the kiosk use the aluminium groove plate. The pick out area is opening, customer can wear the sunglasses whether suit their face.

Stainless Steel

Many customer like the kiosk more bright and elegant. Like the picture, the whole material is MDF, then the surface we will use the stainless steel as a surface.  The display area is groove display area, its also opening area. customer can choose the sunglasses easily.

Production Process,

Firstly, we need to make the wooden cabinet. We need to make the board size according the construction drawings. If the material is MDF, we need to polish the wooden cabinet to make the cabinet more smooth. After polishing, we need to make the 4 primers for the kiosk. Then do the final surface baking paint. If the material is plywood, we need to start to do the laminate. We need to be very careful in this step so that we can have perfect workmanship.

After these, we will install the kiosk. we will install the logo, the light strip, the stainless steel baseboard, light box, socket and so on. For the electrical line, we will use the local socket and the voltage.



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