Hello friend, nice to meet you here. Glad to know that you like this cosmetic kiosk. With the fast development of society, people looking for an attractive appearance and become charming. Skin care products and cosmetics become a good choice to achieve it. Therefore, it’s a great time to open a cosmetic kiosk in the mall center or in a beautiful salon shop. Today, I want to share a beautiful white makeup kiosk for your reference. It’s designed for a customer from Portland.

Description about cosmetic booth

When finishing the design, our customer likes it very much, the same to me. The basic material is plywood with stone surface, which is elegant and attractive. This skin care booth has round shape with white color.  There is a cound stand in the center with a big round ceiling. You can put posters, brand logo and place products here. While on the outside, there are 4 curved display counters with glass showcase. Besides, layered counter body can restore and showcase more items. All the kiosk has bright light and light strip. The color, size, layout and decoration depends on your idea. Do you like this cosmetic kiosk design?

makeup stand

white makeup counter cosmetic kiosk

How to assambly this cosmetic kiosk?

Before order, most people worries about the delivery time and assambly details. In fact, as for a customized kiosk, production should follow on the confirmed design. Usually, the mall kiosk takes about 20-25 days to manufacture. If it has a big size and complex process, it takes more time. We will keep you informed all the production details, and assamly well in our factory. Each section should have pictures and videos to show you for confirmation. When you think it’s ok to ship, we can arrange shippment. For better delivery, the goods will be packaged in several cortons. Just put them together to use it, this is a simple work.

If you have any questions and need further information, please contact us soon.

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makeup cabinet