Hello fiend, nice to meet you here. I am sure that you are interested in this cosmetic kiosk style. I feel like it very much when I see it. For a new business plan, it’s necessary to have a unique design to start. A good looking kiosk can not only attract people’s eyes, but also a symbol of your brand. Before choosing a special decoration for your cosmetic shop, please don’t miss this cosmetic shop decoration I share today. Let’s view more details together

Detailed information of cosmetic booth

  • Main material: Fiberglass, acrylic, MDF, baking paint, stainless steel, etc.
  • Size: 3m×3m
  • Color: Pink and white
  • Function: Display cosmetics, provide makeup services and show brand
  • Design idea: 2-3 business
  • Payment terms: 20-25 days
  • Delivery time: It depends on the the final port

As we can see in the design drawing, the cosmetic kiosk looks like a big bottle pouring pink liquid out. Besides, the inside body kiosk mainly to place all kinds of cosmetics. Layered glass shelf house displays items inside the bottle mouth . On the bottom are locked cabinets and drawers. While in the other side are locked cabinets with tower counter top to place items in stairs. Do you like the cosmetic design drawing?

3D design show

From the design picture, we can view every parts clearly. So it’s better to make a unique cosmetic booth design first. In this case, you can get the right kiosk finally.

cosmetic booth makeup showcase cosmetic stand makeup cabinet

If you like the design, we can help you make it. And everything will completed in our factory. So you can use it directly when you receive it. Then take photos to show you the details, when you think it’s ok to ship, we can arrange the shippments. As for a customized kiosk manufacturer, we are glad to know your own idea about cosmetic booth decoration. Thank you

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