White and Wooden Shoe Store Furniture for Sale

shoe shop counterShoe shop furniture become popular in recent years. Because many poeple plan to start shoe business to earn money. It’s easy to start because you only have to rent a shop in the mall. Then decorate it with display furniture and lights. No matter when you plan to open a shoe shop, you can get some ideas from this article.

shoe store designShoe store decoration

This shoe store design is fit for a return corner location. It has 2 sides glass window, clients can see you in different locations, so we have to make full of the display area. We can see there are individual tables in front of the glass, clients will be attracted by the items.

Display shelving

Wall cabinets can shelving area important in the shop. Because it can make the wall looks better and can also increase the display showcase area. We can even make a curved corner to fit the return and make it look better.

shoe display counterCenter display cabinet

There is a round display counter in the middle, it has two layers to place shoes with a wooden base. Next to it is a bench with wood bar decoration.

We can also set curved display shelving close to the wooden column. Another half has a sofa surrounding it, so clients can sit down and try on shoes. We can also set small benches for convenient usage.

shoe store designReception desk

There is a white reception desk in the middle of the shoe store. It has a wood panel in the front. You can also use it as a bill counter with storage cabinets and drawers. Behind is a solid wood wall high level your shop theme. You can also attach your business name and logo here.

If you need any further information, just contact us. We are glad to help you open a shoe shop.

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