Customize Shoe Shop Furniture Special Wall Cabinets Design

shoe shop cabinet

Do you plan to open a shoe shop? It needs a small shoe shop to start a business. Because the shoes can be set to the wall cabinets for purchase. Here is a high-end shoe shop decoration sharing with you.

Shoe shop furniture introduction

When entering a shoe shop, there are wall-mounted cabinets, display counters, a sofa, and a service counter. If you own a big shop, don’t forget to add a center display and counters to increase sales.

Wall-mounted cabinets and shelving

There are many different styles of wall cabinets for shoe shops. However, if you want a unique effect, this wall cabinet will give you a better idea. As you can see from the picture, this shoe store uses red wall tiles decoration. The diamond-shaped wall cabinet not only adds interest but also highlights shoes. Each shape can be placed diagonally with a pair of shoes. Every 2 diamond-shaped corners extend a floating, you can freely place more different types and models of products to stimulate customers’ desire to buy.

shoe displayShoe display stand

The shoe display stands close to the wall. It has boards of different heights on both sides so you can stagger your products. This makes it easier for customers to see all shoe styles and make it easier to choose. The shoe stand color is the same as the round base.

Cushion & Mirror

The cushion is useful in a shoe shop, it allows more clients to sit down and try on shoes. Remember to attach the mirror close to the cushion for convenient usage. Besides, lighting is also very important for a retail shoe shop. You can add chandeliers, ceiling lights, or spotlights to make your shop look better.

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