Western style restaurant warm coffee shop design cafe counter

The warm atmosphere of the restaurant provides the perfect background for your pleasant meal. In the decoration process of the coffee shop, we designers think lighting design is an important step. The overall space brightness of the coffee shop decoration should not be too bright.

The emphasis should be placed on the local lighting and the lighting range should not be too large to create a warm and private space for the coffee drinkers. This is a western style restaurant warm coffee shop design cafe counter design for you to have some ideas.



This is a very warm coffee restaurant, perfect for couples’ dates and family dinners. At the entrance, there is a small reception bar. When the guests come in, the waiters show them where they like to sit. Seats in the restaurant are available for two, four and six to accommodate different numbers of people.

The material of this small reception counter is solid wood strip and round shape with a warm white led strip light. It can match a whole restaurant design and on the back side is a grass decoration wall.

On the wall of the coffee store, we can add some decoration. And the lighting effect is very important. We had better use the hanging lamp the same as the shop like this one. Very beautiful and attractive effect.



Our design team can make a customized coffee store for you to match your need. You can let us know your idea about your favorite shop style, the layout how to arrange and so on. If you do not have any idea also no problem. Our designer will make it on the 3D design for you to check and if need any update we can change for you.

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