Modern style coffee shop bar counter new restaurant design

For many people, going to a coffee shop is an important part of their leisure and daily work. Whether buying a cup of coffee on their way to work or chatting with friends in their spare time. Coffee shops are popular places to go. 

Large coffee shops with high-end and luxurious decorations are the places that many consumers like to visit. However, in recent years, the rise of small business scale and compact layout of simple coffee shops have also been sought after by many young consumers.



This is a modern style coffee shop bar counter new restaurant design. A fashion coffee bar counter is the most important for a cafe store. It has a long coffee counter for this shop. The coffee counter is a white color with warm white led strip light under the countertop.

On the countertop, you can put the equipment machine. The back side is a wall display cabinet with shelves display and led lights. On the top of the back wall display cabinet has some blackboards that can write the menu.



In the simple cafe design, the seats should not only be monotonous seat placement. Which will make the store consumers feel the overall lack of fashion sense and sense of fashion. A variety of seats can be considered in the cafe design.

For example, you can design simple bar counters and fashionable dining tables and chairs. And the number of seats can also be flexible, which can be divided into double seats, four seats, six seats and so on.

This kind of simple type cafe shop, elegant quiet, fashion sense, coupled with a simple personality dining table and chair design. It is bound to be a lot of young consumers like a leisure and entertainment place.

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