Welcome Blue Fast Food Kiosk Mall Food Retail Showcase On Sale

Are you still anxious to find a suitable and excellent fast food kiosk? Don’t worry. It is correct to visit our webside here. We are directly producing display furniture and have more than ten years of experience in this area. We have professional design team and skillful workers. So if you want make a showcase or store, please tell us at will. We will help you design and customize a new showcase or store according to your needs.

Now I will introduce a welcome blue fast food kiosk to you. I hope it can help you.

The Welcome Blue Fast Food Kiosk Production

The fast food kiosk size is 4x3m and the main color is blue and white. We all know that blue can make people quiet and easily attract attention. So we can see the fast food kiosk from a distance. The material of the fast food kiosk is plywood, man made stone, stainless steel and acrylic logo. The fast food kiosk comes with a hollow ceiling frame. And the outside of ceiling frame has a red 3D logo and a special logo design. There are several light boxes with fast food posters hanging under the logo. It is very easy to see and convenient to order for customers.

The fast food kiosk has a small beverage stand and some machines on the countertop. Also there are some cabinets for storage under the countertop. It is quite useful. Especially there is a picture display wall outside the fast food kiosk. The picture display wall can show some development plans about this fast food brand. It makes customers learn more about the fast food brand. Also the fast food kiosk has two big posters of food on the wall. They are very attractive. Do you agree?

fast food kiosk fast food shop fast food display

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