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Pastry is a popular snack. Generally people taste delicious pastries with friends after a meal or tea time. This is a very wonderful enjoyment for them. In addition, pastries can also be used as a gift for a visit. If you do that, you will be warmly welcomed by the host’s children. So we can see the pastry business is quite hot. Do you have an interest about pastry business? Here is a hot sale pastry display kiosk with floor. Let’s take a look at it.

The Pastry Display Kiosk With Floor Description

As we can see this is a yellow pastry display kiosk with floor. And its basic material is plywood, tempered glass, artificial marble, acrylic logo and finish with laminate. The top of kiosk is several yellow wooden strips and a rectangular perforated wooden board. And the kiosk has a yellow and white striped cloth on the top. It can shade the work counter and display cabinet below. It is very helpful.

The work counter has a big pastry display cabinet in the middle. The pastry display cabinet is multi-layered. And it can display packaged pastries and ready-made pastries. It is very optional for customers. Of course, there are also two long wooden display stands behind the pastry display kiosk. They are all used to display packaged pastries. In addition, there is a 3D logo plate on both sides of the kiosk. And there are two vivid pastry decorations behind the two wooden display stands. This is quite attractive.

pastry kiosk pastry display pastry shop food kiosk

How To Assemble The Pastry Display Kiosk With Floor

  • After the production is completed, we will try to assemble the entire pastry display kiosk with floor in the factory.
  • We will install doors, locks, lights and other accessories for the pastry display kiosk with floor. Then take some photos of the overall effect of the installed pastry display kiosk to you for confirmation.
  • We divide the pastry display kiosk into several parts and ship to you as the whole piece.
  • When you receive the pastry display kiosk, you only need to connect each part together. And link the electrical line of each counter together. Then you can use it directly. It is very easy and convenient.
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