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Coffee is a drink we often see in our daily lives. Specialty is at work, coffee can help us refresh our minds. Sometimes I am tired and can’t concentrate, it is necessary to have a cup of coffee. Coffee is very common now. Sometimes you can see a cart selling coffee on the street.

We are a professional manufacturer, and can make a coffee cart according to your favorite model. Our factory have produced various types of carts, each of which has different functions because of the different needs of customers. We have made many styles of food carts. And each one has its own unique characteristics.

Next, I will introduce the removable coffee cart to you.

Basic Information

Although the size of this small cart is not very big, it is completely enough to sell coffee. The main material of the coffee cart is plywood, and the outer material is laminate. The laminate is composed of wood-grain laminate and black laminate. This material is very suitable for food counters. Because its performance is mainly waterproof and very strong. So we generally use plywood as the base material. Artificial stone will be used for the counter-top, which will make the whole counter-top smoother.

Layout of the Coffee Cart

In front of the coffee cart is a light box. You can put the  poster with your favorite patterns into light box. Logo can be placed on the top of the coffee cart. You can decide which material of LOGO and which material of LOGO to put according to your own cost. The price of different types of logos is also different.

On the left side of the coffee trolley is a small bucket where you can put some small things. To the right of the coffee cart is a glass display stand. The glass display shelf can display your own products such as coffee beans.

You can see that most of the back of the cart are drawers and cabinets for storing goods. This is also convenient for you to get the goods you need. A logo can be added to the top of the cart. This allows customers to notice themselves in any direction.

Detailed Description

  • Size: 1800x600mm
  • Material: plywood and laminate
  • Color: wooden color and black color
  • Type: modern and classical
  • Others: acrylic, stainless steel, 8mm tempered glass, lock. and light box


3D Design

3d design is our first step for the whole project. We all know that different people will have different needs for the coffee cart. You just tell me all of your needs for the coffee cart like size, color, and some special needs. Then we can get back your ideas to our designer. We have a professional design team, can can design new one according your needs. If you put the coffee cart in the mall, then you can submit the 3d design to the mall for approval.

If there any modification, we also assist you to modify it and assist you get the approval. After you confirmed the information about the coffee cart, we will start to produce according to the 3d design and drawings.

Production Process

Before production, please confirm all of the information. Once we start, and can not changed.  Wooden cabinet is first step for the project. Then start to stick the laminate. Then assemble it. Finally install the logo, glass showcase, light box and so on.

When will we receive it?

The time include design time, production time and shipping time.

Design time will take 3-5 working days, and production time will take 22-25 working days. For the shipping time, different country, the shipping time is also different. You can tell us which country or which port is near to you. We will help you check it.





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