Black Coffee Cart Stand Outdoor Push Cafe Street Kiosk with Wheels

A coffee cart is a good small business idea. Many people begin their own business with a pushcart. As it is easy to operate and can get a return back very soon. Today, I want to share a nice coffee cart here. I hope that it can help you better.

street coffee shopMobile food cart design

As we can see in the design, this coffee cart mainly uses to sell coffee. If you sell other beverages, this coffee cart also works well for you. Because we can help you customize it to fit your business.

It has a ceiling, display showcase counter, water sink, wheels, brand logo, and storage cabinet. The main color is black, with black line decoration, looks very attractive. And it gives people a high-end feel.

The owner can put coffee machines on the desk table, which is good for work, and prepare coffee for sale. Two sides have a push handle for pushing to a different location.

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Coffee cups and ready coffee place at the right corner, so that clients can buy directly and pick up easily. There is a small drawer under the table, we can put some money here to get change.

Water sink set near the coffee machine towards the side, which is convenient to use. The bottom area has a water system, so please don’t worry if you don’t have a water supply.

Storage is very important for outdoor carts. We can make full use of the body of the coffee cart, adding lockable doors here, coffee bees, coffee cups, and other necessary items can be placed here.

coffee cart

The coffee kiosk has a ceiling to hang the brand name. It also has extra support, a very cool design, which can protect us from sunshine and small rainy. If you like other kinds of ceiling such as hydraulic support, please kindly let us know. We will meet your demands.

Material information

Main material: Stainless steel

Surface material: Spray paint

Other materials: Wheels, acrylic logo, stickers, and metal frame.

We can also use MDF or Plywood to make the coffee cart body. The countertop usually uses stone to protect the coffee cart. It can also make the coffee cart looks better and keep it clean. So that you can receive a very different coffee cart for business.

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