Useful Perfume Display Showcase Mall Perfume Kiosk

perfume kioskPerfumes and cosmetics are very popular among poeple. Because it gives people a charming feeling. Here is a nice perfume kiosk with you, it’s good to provide make-up services, show cosmetics, and perfumes. Let’s view more details with you.

Perfume kiosk introduction

This perfume kiosk size is 4m by 3m, it includes display counters that match the lease line. There is a cashier counter in the middle, which makes the perfume kiosk convenient to use. We can see the main color is white with gold frame decoration, increasing a high-end and luxury effect.

Cashier counter

There is a small cashier counter in the middle, it is mainly used to check bills and can also use as a storage area. The front has a metal decoration at the top, matching the perfume kiosk well.

perfume boothGlass display counter

There are many glass display counters consist the perfume kiosk. It has a hollow brown decoration on the body and the top is a large 2 layer display cabinet.

Next to it is a multiple display showcase. It is lower level because you can place perfume samples here, clients can smell them when passing by. The middle is a glass display cover for perfumes. While behind is lock drawers to store more items for sale.

perfume cabinetCorner showcase

We can see the 4 corners have a squared display counter. It’s the tallest display counter that you can use as a main display showcase. The front area has a large brand sign to remind people of your business.

Brand sign

There is a large brand logo stand, you should discuss with the mall manager what is the allowed height. Because all the details have to under the permission. Only in this way can you open perfume kiosks sooner and successfully.

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