Small Perfume Kiosk Fit Special Location Area

cosmetic kiosk

We recently made many perfume kiosks for customers. They are in unique style and customized sizes. No matter how special space you rent, you can get a perfume kiosk that matches your business well. Today, I want to share a nice perfume kiosk with you.

Perfume display counter

As we can see in the design, this perfume kiosk is surround the column. This means the available workspace is tiny. However, we can make a 3D design first and choose a perfect plan for your business.

cosmetic boothIntroduction of the perfume counter

We make the perfume kiosk in a U shape, so you can place perfumes on the countertop. While the middle area has lighting box posters attached to the column, uses as a brand imagine wall and advertising area.

Display counter

You can set perfume boxes on the counter to show perfumes. Clients can view and choose perfumes directly. Glass showcase can also add to the table to highlight the items. The counter surface has wood panel decoration, high level the perfume shop and attracts attention.

makeup counterWhile the corner has lightbox posters to increase advertising. Under the counter is storage cabinets, we can use them to store kiosks and items.


There is a roof to attach the brand logo so that clients can see you from distance. Ceiling light set under the roof to increase brightness. We use a metal frame and glass wall to support the ceiling. It’s the modern and luxury effect.

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