Hello, Everybody. i will introduce the US Jewelry Retail Kiosk with Customized Design in Retail Store for Sale to you today. we all know that many women like the jewelry as a decoration. They will wear the earring to match their clothing and makeup. Choose the suitable earring to wear. They will be happy , when they find the jewelry they like. And you can give it as a gift to your friends, mother, and wife. Trust me, they will be very, very happy. The cost of a jewelry retail kiosk is much lower than that of a jewelry shop.

What things you need to do when you decide to start the jewelry kiosk?

  • Find  a place in the shopping mall
  • Order the Jewelry kiosk for selling the jewelry.

Jewelry Kiosk

The Jewelry kiosk is very popular in the America. For the wooden color style, most of the people love it because of the unique design. The corners for the kiosk,  two corner display the light box and the logo.  The another two corners is glass display and can display the jewelry accessories. There are 4 sides to display the jewelry accessories. This layout can make customer order the jewelry showcase clearly. For each corner, we will add the top with some lights. It will make the whole jewelry kiosk more bright and more unique.

For the logo part, there are two sides to display the logo at the bottom of the kiosk.  The other two sides,people can see the logo on the light box.  So people can see the brands at different directions.

Product Details

Material: the body of the jewelry kiosk use the plywood; the surface use the wooden color laminate; display area we use the 8mm tempered glass.

The size: 10×15 feet

Layout: The top of the kiosk add the 304 stainless steel bar; Two corners of the kiosk as display areas, two corners of the kiosk put the light box; four sides as display areas; Middle of the kiosk put the cashier desk.

Including: 304 stainless steel baseboard, led lamp belt, light box, acrylic logo, lock…..

How to Design?

The 3d design is necessary. We need to do the 3d design according to your requirements like the layout, size, color. The 3d design will display all of your requirements. You can share all of your ideas. We will get back your ideas to our designer. We have professional design team, and can customize it for you.

Order Process

1. Arrange the 300USD design fee. When you confirm the order, the design fee will be returned to your deposit.

2. After  you confirm the 3d design and get the approval from the mall. We will start to produce the kiosk.

3. Before Producing, please arrange the 50% production deposit.

4. During the production, we will take the production photo and videos for you.

5.  Before we loaded the kiosk, please arrange the balance payment.

Company Information

We are located in Shenzhen, China, and have own factory with more than 13 years kiosk experience. We are professional mall kiosks and shop display furniture manufacturer. Our main clients are from US,UK,AU CA, and FR.  Our company has cooperated with many brands, such as Chat time, Yogoo and Dodo Services Pty Ltd. We provide all the high quality products, the quality of the products are strictly controlled.


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