Unique Design Jewelry Glass Display Showcase For Shopping Mall

Hi everyone! Nice to meet you here. Are you looking for a jewelry display showcase for your business? Nowadays, many people like jewelry, necklace, earring, bracelet and so on. Because people like to decorate themselves with jewelry and enhance their personal charm, especially in business contacts, proper jewelry decoration is very important. If you have a plan to do jewelry business now, then this round shape jewelry kiosk can help you a lot. Let’s view more details together.

Some information about jewelry display showcase:

  1.  Material: MDF, tempered glass, Led strip light, stainless steel toe kick.
  2. Finishing: White baking paint, wooden color laminate.
  3. Logo: hollow out 3d illuminate the acrylic logo.
  4. Size: diameter 3m.
  5. Color: White and wooden color.
  6. Design: we will customize a new jewelry kiosk according to your own requirements.

The details of the jewelry kiosk design:

When choosing a jewelry kiosk, the light becomes very important. Therefore, we usually use a lot of white light in the kiosk. As we can see in the design, the front display counter with the tempered glass. The middle has a stainless steel pillar, and the ceiling is also the stainless steel material. You can see many lights on the ceiling, it can light up the whole jewelry kiosk. We can assure that the light can let your products stand out and look perfect.

This whole jewelry display showcase has a round of display showcase. On the bottom of the inside cabinet is for storage, so we will have a large storage area. We can display some jewelry like necklaces of different kinds, rings, diamonds and so on. So when customers going by, they can buy directly. We can put your brand logo on the jewelry display showcase jewelry mall kiosk, which is very eye-catching.

How to order a jewelry kiosk like this?

Do you like this customized round shape jewelry display showcase in the shopping mall? The color, layout, style we can customize all of them according to your own requirements.

First, if you already have the location in the shopping mall, please contact our sales team. And tell me the size of your mall location.

If the mall has the requirements of the jewelry kiosk, please send it to us. We will have a look and discuss it with you.

For the 3d design we will charge 300$ design deposit. But it will deduct from the total cost when you order.

We will send the 3d design of the jewelry kiosk to you within 2-3 working days for you to check. And we will do the changes as you like.

After we confirm the final 3d design and construction drawing, we will move to production.


How to ship the jewelry kiosk?

We will ship the jewelry kiosk to you by air or by sea. And we will arrange the shipping for you to the destination port or to door to door address.


How to assemble the jewelry kiosk?

After you receive the jewelry kiosk, you can open all the package of the jewelry kiosk. And then put them together according to the floor plan of the jewelry mall kiosk. Finally, please connect the male and female connectors to the shopping mall power supply. Then the jewelry kiosk will work.


About our company:

As a manufacturer, our unique kiosk customized kiosks for 10 years. We have an excellent design team in our company, the designer comes up with new ideas nearly every day to make sure that it’s the one you like most. The workers in our workshop are highly trained, they focus on every step, only to give you a better kiosk. Whenever you have ideas, please let us know. We should give you good suggestions. Thank you for your read.

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