Upscale Makeup Indoor Kiosk Cosmetic Showcase With Top For Mall

Beauty products have always been a category that has attracted people’s attention. Various celebrity endorsements and brand advertisements all promote products in the subconscious mind of customers. In fact, in addition to these methods, there are more ways to promote your brand in shopping malls, that is, design and create your own beauty kiosk furniture so that customers will be impressed by the way your brand is displayed.


Kiosk Design

Beauty products are very different from other products in that customers still need to try some cosmetics after choosing them. Only if the trial effect is good, will buy it. So when designing a kiosk, we designed a product trial area and a product display area.

And you can also see from the design that this is a makeup kiosk with a top, but it is also very suitable for shopping malls. We designed the column as the main area for your brand promotion, adding elements such as LED lightbox, TV player, and promotional posters. The display furniture for display products and trial products are more practical display counters.

About Design

If you will put the kiosk in the mall, generally need to submit designs to the mall for getting approval. No worries, we can help you handle all of this. We will provide you with a 3D design and design drawing, if your mall needs you to modify your design, we can also do that for you. Our design charges USD300, which will as your order amount when you purchase it from us.



The basic materials of our kiosks are MDF or plywood, if your mall has other requirements about the material, we can provide you according to their needs too. This kiosk use baking paint craft on its surface, when it is finished you can see it will look smooth and high-end. Of course, we can provide you with any materials you want.

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