Upscale Coffee Kiosk with Wood and Tile finishing to Melbourne

coffee kiosk

The coffee kiosk is a good place to sell coffee, ice cream, bubble tea, waffle, cake, and crepes. Every owner wants a high-end and luxurious coffee shop decoration, which can increase the brand culture. It can also win the appreciation of customers and increase consumption levels.

Upscale coffee kiosk decoration

Popular mall coffee shop size is 4m by 3m, 3m by 2m, 3m by 3m, 5m by 5m, etc. You can choose a suitable coffee kiosk size to start. This coffee kiosk fits an area of 3m by 3m. Includes sales counter, seating counter with chairs, working bench, wall cabinet, and ceiling roof.

coffee bar counter

coffee standMaterial: Plywood, solid wood bar, marble stone, tile, tempered glass, lighting, stainless steel, etc.

Color: Black and white. You can also choose another color that fits well

Style: Modern style based on special requirements.

Front display counter

The front counter has a glass showcase to place cakes and donuts. POS system set here for checking bills. You can also hang the menu, light box painting, and brand logo to leave a deep impression.

coffee boothSide seating table

The side has an individual bar counter with bar chairs. Clients can sit down and enjoy coffee. While inside has storage cabinets under the counter table.

Back working bench

The back counter use as a kitchen counter. It has space for equipment, a water sink, wall shelves. It has white tile to decorate the wall. The brand sign also attaches to the wall to attract attention.

Entrance with counter

The entrance is set on the left side, it also set a counter here to increase the display and storage area. You can also put up posters on the counter for advertising.

You can also decorate the coffee kiosk you want No matter what color, size, style, and material you need, you can get a good solution from Unique Furniture Ltd. Just send an inquiry to get your coffee kiosk design.

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