Tea is a special commodity, in addition to drinking health care, it also has cultural connotations. Therefore, operating tea requires a wealth of tea knowledge. It is also necessary to have a certain knowledge of tea sets and tea culture, which is very convincing for the products and prices they operate. Tea shops are generally combined with appreciation, tea tasting, and tea art. Therefore, the elegant environment makes customers have the desire to buy after tasting tea.

Tea shop decoration

The decoration of the tea shop is mainly to highlight the characteristics of tea business, so that customers will have a harmonious and beautiful psychology. Tea shops should make customers feel elegant and feel friendly and natural. It is best to properly display some attractive calligraphy, paintings and tea sets.

  • The shelf counters design.

It is mainly generous and smooth, and generally should be made of wood. In this way, the harmonious unity of Yu tea can be reflected, and several wall cabinets can be made at the same time for placing tea sets and tea books.

  • Wall surface

The wall surface of the tea shop should be simple and elegant, usually with wooden decorative panels, painted in the original color as well. At the same time, it is reasonable to cooperate with tea calligraphy and painting or propaganda materials introducing tea knowledge.

  •  Floor

Mainly keep the floor clean and tidy. Use marble, terrazzo, or floor paper. For carpets, use green or gray.

  •  Lighting

The top lighting must be bright. Generally, electronic fluorescent lamps are used. The brighter the better, the counters and shelves should also be equipped with green tubes.

  • Embellishment

Embellishment in the store is very important. You can put some flowers, bonsai or big purple sand, porcelain vases appropriately. The layout structure of the interior decoration and leisure, and the external environment must be coordinated, giving people a neat, elegant and comfortable feeling.

tea store furniture green tea cabinet dry tea shelves Chinese tea kiosk

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