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Every girl has a dream of opening a cafe, but it’s not that easy to run a good shop.

The positioning of the cafe: Who bought your coffee?
If you want to open a coffee shop, then the first thing you have to consider is who you want to sell the coffee to? That is, what kind of person is willing to pay for your coffee?

This positioning will determine your next location (whether it is in a commercial area or a residential area).
▷ The type of your store (is it facing the street or in the community).

▷ Your decoration style (is it simple and warm or luxurious).

▷ The area of your store (is it a small store or several hundred square meters).
There are generally two demands for customers to spend in coffee shops, one is to spend money to buy a place to sit, and the other is to want a good cup of coffee.

The most important of the coffee shop – the decoration of the coffee shop.

If the customer has not been to your coffee shop, the first point to attract them to the shop is the decoration of the coffee shop. This is the most important of a coffee shop so we have to find a good company to do it. Our company is the customize store furniture manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. We can customize a new cafe store interior decoration design with your shop floor plan.

Please see the below 3D design of a coffee shop. It has a long cafe bar counter with bar chairs around. The staff make the coffee inside and the counter has a glass display showcase for display some foods like bread, donuts and so on. Other places are all for the seating area. The customer can sit and enjoy their time here.



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