Unique Style Skin Care Kiosk Perfume Display Counter for Sale

cosmetic counter

Skincare products and perfumes are popular among poeple, especially those who want to give people charming looks. Whenever you plan to open a perfume kiosk, a unique skincare kiosk helps you well. Because it can make poeple recognize you at the first sight. Today, I want to share a nice skincare kiosk sharing with you.

Description of skincare product kiosk

Size: This skincare kiosk is fit for a location of 3m by 2m. We can customize the size to fit your rental location. Don’t worry about measurement differences, because our excellent designer will make 3D designs and make adjustments for you.

Color: The main color is dark with light brown, that high level of your shop theme and makes your products stand out. You can also make it in other colors that match your brand signage.

Material: We mainly use MDF to build the skincare kiosk body. It can make curved corners and unique models to make your shop differnet. The surface material is matte glossy baking paint, which increases the sense of mystery and highlights the added value of the product. Silver metal inserts on the shop counter front.

perfume kioskLayout information

This perfume kiosk includes 3 parts, a “U” shape display showcase counter, a curved counter, and a large ceiling. You can use it well for display, storage, and promoting.

The display counter set in the front has multiple layers to show products well. The client can purchase goods easily. The brand name attaches to the top panel to remind people of the business. Behind can use as a working counter for clients to experience your cosmetic services.

Curved counter set at backside mainly for storage perfumes and skincare products for sale. It has metal fence decoration reaching to the ceiling, looks very special. The top is also composed of hollow circles of different sizes superimposed, and you can put your logo on it.

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