Unique retail fast food coffee shop kiosk wooden restaurant furniture

Coffee is one of the hottest sales drinks all over the world. So when someone wants to start a food business, they will think about coffee first. A good coffee kiosk can help you to attract more customers. It is a very important part of starting a coffee business.

If you are looking for a professional kiosk design service, we are a company that can do the design and produces the kiosk for you. Today let us introduce a unique retail coffee kiosk design to you. Hope you can like it.



This coffee kiosk has a frosted acrylic top and hangs a lighted box or advertising TV. On the front side of the coffee kiosk is a glass display showcase in the middle and some coffee machines on the left side. On the right side is the cashier counter and pick-up area.

About the material of the coffee kiosk, we can use plywood as the basic material. The surface finish is laminate and brick tiles. On the bottom is the reflective mirror film or stainless steel toe kick. For the countertop of the coffee kiosk, we can use man-made stone or quartz stone both good.



Our design team can make a 3d coffee kiosk design customized to all your requirements. Whatever the size you want, whatever the color you want and whatever the style you want. We can make this coffee kiosk design exactly fit your need. A customized 3d design service will charge a 300$ design deposit.



We will install a whole coffee kiosk in our factory. After you receive it, just need to open the packages and put them together. Finally connect the male and female connector then it will work.

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