Red and Black Coffee Kiosk & Mall Service Kiosk for Sale

coffee kiosk

Do you like to drink coffee during lunchtime? Coffee gives poeple energy and view as a popular drink in the world. Many poeple drink coffee in the morning, meet with friends and while work, so opening a coffee shop in the mall is a good choice. Today, I want to share a good coffee kiosk with you. You can place equipment in a suitable location.

Description of a coffee kiosk

The main color of the coffee kiosk is red with a black counter table. You can also add glass display cabinets and shelving with LED lights to place items. It needs a location of 3m by 23m, if you rent other sizes, we can custom make it. This coffee kiosk has a top roof to hang a brand sign, that makes people view you at the first sight.

fuit kiosk


We can see the cashier counter set in the middle of the front area, clients can order meals directly. The counter has a brand name with a black background, which is a high-level coffee shop theme. Glass display cabinets are set at left hands, which is convenient to show more products. While the right hand has multiple layers of shelving, people can help themselves and pick up items directly.

There is a long bar counter with a curved corner, LED lighting set under the counter table. You can use it as a dining table with bar chairs, consumers can sit down and drink coffee with friends. We can see there are coffee machines in the back area, posters attached here to make more clients know your business.

coffee kiosk

Material details

We usually use Plywood to make coffee kiosk bodies. And finish material is laminate in red color. Wood veneers mainly decorate the back wall, which reflects coffee well and creates a high-end feel.

Other materials include metal brand name, lightbox painting, tempered glass, etc. No matter how unique the kiosk is, we can meet your demands.

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