Unique Outdoor Coffee Kiosk Shop concept For Sale

are you looking for an outdoor coffee kiosk? how much is a coffee cup design coffee kiosk for sale?

Advantages of our coffee kiosk:

  • 1). Beauty outside Shapes: late-model fiberglass sheet, no juncture on the product’s surface; No leaks; incomparable to steel or aluminum panels.
  • 2). Corrosion Resistance: Suitable to be used in a wet and high corrosive environment, smooth and easy to clean, environmental protection product
  • 3). Weather fastness: suitable for remove areas , mountainous areas, desert . A long traffic(such as high way , railway, sea coast, river channel .etc .)
  • 4). Other feature: light , high strengthen,shock-resistant. quake-proof, heat preserved, waterproof .sound-proof and sealed , etc
  • Picture Display:

Specifications of this outdoor coffee kiosk concept
1.Street food kiosk
2.Main material: EPS, metal carved board, preserving timber
3.Can be custom-made
4.Aluminum floor
5.With drain systems, water system, electric system

Outdoor kiosk with rolling shutter to close it.

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