Smartphones enrich our lives and make our lives more convenient. We can use mobile phones and friends video calls, surf the Internet on mobile phones and pay bills with mobile phones. It can not noly help us to go anywhere in the world, but also help us to order buffets. It’s a good idea to open a cell phone booth in the mall center. Where can help us save cost and win customers. Because you only need to rent a small location to start your business. And people always go shopping in the mall center. Today, I want to share a unique mobile phone cabinet with you. If you need a unique kiosk, please don’t miss it.

Information about cell phone kiosk

This cell phone booth covers an area of 3m × 3m. It has top ceiling, display counter, wall shelves, etc. You can put brand logo on the counter and top ceiling, so that people can know your from far away. Besides, the basic tone of the cell phone kiosk is Wooden color with black counter, which looks unique can match to the brand name. Phone accessories and phone coves can plcae on the back wall. Do you like this design idea?

cell phone booth cell phone counter

More information

When you are going to build a unique cell phone kiosk, you should first think about the layout and color first. It’s better to find a designer to make mobile phone cabient design, you can send the design to the mall manager. In this case, your kiosk is in line with mall requirements. You can also share your ideas with us, we can make a mobile phone booth to meet your demands. As we make customized kiosk for more than 10 years, we are sure that we can meet your demands. If you need more infomration, please let us know. Thank you

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