Newly finished threading kiosk bar for Sydney in Australia . This is quite a unique concept eyebrow threading kiosk design. From the whole ideas to detailed material chosen , All the points and aspects are showing a glamour circumstance.  The entire color concept for this eyebrow salon are white & wooden color combined together. Because of the curved stripe panels and solid color technology. The price for this kiosk are higher than normal style. With a standard size of 5*3 meter , The price over $15000 .

Unique Kiosk are customized kiosk manufacturer, So we can build this kiosk into any size you need. No matter you need a two seats small bar or  5 seats big salon. We can custom it for you . This concept are very welcome by many brow bar vendor all over the world. However not too many kiosk manufacturer can achieve the finished effect. The most difficult part of this kiosk is how to install the curved wooden panels onto the wall. Only experienced manufacturer like Unique-Kiosk know the best way to achieve it.

The kiosk quality direct connect to the preformance  of your future business. So choose a right kiosk supplier to build your salon kiosk are very important. We sent the first eyebrow threading kiosk since 2002. Until today, We have finished over 5000 kiosks all over the world. And help many many business vendors achieved their dreams.

Our affordable cost kiosk with high level finish attract clients from different cities and districts. New York, Chicago, Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto ,London Where the business exist , you will find our work. We aim to help vendors fulfill their business plan and make win-win for both sides.

Contact us today and get a unique threading bar build with limited offer time.

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