Another unique concept eyebrow salon kiosk finished in 2018.  The whole kiosk are in solid geometry style to give a easy and smooth experience.  This is a High level eyebrow threading bar kiosk installed in Westfield , Sydney of Australia. People who has been having any experience with mall kiosk or mall retail business will notice that. Westfield are very restrict with the kiosk . From concept to materials, they are serious with all the details to make sure the mall level and customer shopping mall experience. That’s why it’s become the leading company in mall franchise.

So, All the kiosk that going to Westfiled must be perfectly designed and accepted by mall manger, Here blow are a simple but unique design bar for eyebrow threading . You can also getting ideas in this concept and adapt it into a nail manicure salon or hairdressing kiosk .Even barber kiosk are acceptable.  Unique Kiosk mainly doing customize work. So, we can build your needed kiosk with customized ideas.

Another thing on this eyebrow threading kiosk is the white part. The designer want to use a Corian to finished the kiosk . However , we know that Corian are very expensive material .If choose Corian , The kiosk cost can come up over  $ 16000. But in unique kiosk , we found a very similar material to achieve the effect.  And let the cost down much much more.

Contact our team for latest price and design concept.

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