Hi everybody today it is a nice day. How is your day? I want to introduce a Sydney Australia Jewelry store furniture high-end jewelry shop design. Let us talk about the decoration of the jewelry store.

How to decorate a jewelry store? The jewelry store should start from the lighting environment and the relaxed environment. The lights should not be directly exposed to the human eye. After the diffuse reflection, the sofa should be comfortable and comfortable and enjoy the beauty of the customers. Therefore, the decoration of the jewelry store is very important. Let’s take a look at how to decorate the jewelry store.

I. Jewelry counter design

First, the design of jewelry stores, especially the design of jewelry showcases, must be professional and take the quality product route. Second, from small to large, such jewelry showcase design is perfect. Then the jewelry store design can be more perfect, and the concept can be passed on to consumers. Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd will generally showcase the luxury and high-end features of jewelry stores, giving designers the opportunity to play with more design concepts.

2. Jewelry showcase

In order to promote jewelry, some jewelry shops often place counters at the exit of the stairs. They want to make the customers see the products they sell as soon as they step on the floor, expecting to sell more goods, but this practice often makes Some customers will deliberately circumvent this showcase and walk to the showcase next to it. Shenzhen decoration company prompts you to move the counter at the stairway to the side to remove the position, and then look at the effect, I believe you will feel a lot of business.

The size of this jewelry store is 7080 x 5200 mm. Very high-end and beautiful jewelry store design.

The material is Stainless steel frame, MDF with baking paint, 8mm tempered glass etc.

Please see the below pictures of the Sydney Australia Jewelry store furniture high-end jewelry shop design:

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