Sweet Shop Design Lollipop Cart & Candy Kiosk in Mall

candy stand

Every kid likes lollipops and candy, not only because of their attractive looking but also for their sweet taste. Many families prepare all kinds of candies to celebrate Christmas and events. It’s a profitable business idea to open a candy shop in the shopping mall. Here is an attractive candy store design idea-sharing with you.

Introduction of candy kiosk

This candy kiosk includes a top ceiling, lollipop models, colorful fence decoration, and wall shelving display. Attracts clients’ attention and makes them joyful, which can also help you improve sales. No matter where is your location in the shopping mall, this candy kiosk design helps you win more clients.

candy boothDetails information

We can see the back wall has a full wide wall cabinet. It has red and white colors to decorate the top, but the middle area has colorful shelvings to show candies. The bottom has cartoon lollipop sculptures with lovely smiles, that look vividly and funny. Brand and logo hang here to make people remember you well.

There are colorful fence decorations surrounding the lease line. Candy trees models stand here to remind people of your business. You can arrange more round shape candy displays and cabinets to place products.

candy kioskCeiling and candy cart

There is a roof ceiling surrounding the candy kiosk. There are 2 columns on the front side to support the big ceiling. It has a large bottom and a small top with purple and white decorations.

The front area has a candy cart with wheels at the bottom. The whole color is orange with white, which highly matches the candy kiosk theme. It is mainly used to serve clients and sell all kinds of candies. You can also add new ideas to make the candy kiosk look beautiful and attractive.

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