Colorful Sweet Food Booth & Candy Kiosk in the Mall

candy cabinet

Do you need a nice candy kiosk to start a business? Sweet food kiosk is very popular because poeple can buy candy easily. Today, I want to share a wonderful candy kiosk with you. It’s good to display and sell all kinds of candies.

Introduction of candy kiosk

This candy kiosk size is 3m by 2m, it includes display shelving, L style cabinet, and a stairs display with candy boxes. The main color is light green and purple, which highly matches the products. We can also add lollipop models to the kiosk to show brand logos.

candy mall cabinetLayout information

This candy kiosk has 2 display shelving on both sides. One side places candy boxes in each layer, while another side has candy dispensers at the top that is convenient for clients to buy and increase their interest. The bottom has a locked cabinet to store more products. Storage area is very important for a mall kiosk, we can add sliding door inside, so that you will have more space for products. That can help you make full use of all space.

There is an L shape counter stand at the front, it has a curved corner with front cabinets. You can place more products here. It has a colorful sticker on the counter table, it supports brand signs and can also set attractive items here.

Near the entrance has a curved display shelving. We can also add a brand name with lollipop models. You can also put up posters and even add lightbox painting for advertising.

Real candy kiosk in the mall

candy kiosk candy booth

We can see the real looks of candy kiosks in the shopping mall. We use MDF with baking paint to build the kisok, that is smooth tough and good quality.

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