Candy service is very popular in many shopping centers, There are even special candy store. Candy is not only popular with children, but also with many young and old people. candy can bright us the sweet and child interest. 

Are you plan to start your own candy store? I think it’s a good idea. If you wanna make your candy store looks more attractive. comfortable tone match and inside furniture layout and style are very important.

candy store fixtures


You can see the whole candy store mainly tone is purple decoration wall and ceiling. with wave strip. match a little pink and white. at the four sides are some wooden display shelves, in the middle is some very lovely mushroom shape decoration for candy display. you will notice the floor is colorful square tile, the top part is some lollipop and ball decorations. looks very nice.

candy store fixtures

For the whole candy store, The reception desk is essential. you can see the one is a round shape counter,  the basic material is plywood, the surface is Corian finished, very modern and high-end. with cashier counter, toy display shelves, and package box and more.

At the top part is some round pillar decoration, match some spotlight, looks very nice and attractive. at the left sides is an Oval laminate display, each plate is hidden led light strip, top, and bottom with rounded purple and white trim. on the right sides is a Rainbow strip decoration wall, with a round shape display showcase, it’s for display toys. 

candy store fixtures 


Thanks for your time and reading. hope this article is helpful for your business. The unique kiosk is a direct manufacturer, we mainly work on the design and customize different types of retail candy store fixtures and display stand. if you’re interested to start your own candy business, for more related information, please direct contact us, welcome inquiry! 

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