Opening a candy retail store is a smart business idea. In order To success in candy retail store. Candy displays are very important. Choose a good candy display determines your future business. So, Candy store fixtures must be able to attract customers at the very beginning. and in the meantime, display the store theme at most scale.

Candy store display racks and display stands

The layout of the candy store also matters a lot. Where is the entrance design? How to arrange the middle island display stands? How to display candy boxes on wall shelves? what kind of candy display shelves should I use?  Before you start a candy store design. Those question must be acknowledged.

As we know candy store is mainly open for children, Even some adults have still lived in a childhood dream. So, when they entered in a candy store, They must feel the candy Fairy tales and real sweet circumstance. That requires us to make a great candy store plan. From a  single display fixtures to entire store theme must be united together. Here below is a Candy store design with colorful candy display fixtures for sale.

candy store front design

We offer different types of candy display fixtures inside the shop. From a curved register retail counter to round candy retail stall. and unique designed wall candy display shelves. The full candy store is attractive and easy for customer shopping. Chocolates, candies, sweets, pick& mix, M&M are all display in a unique display concept.

whole candy shop design

High wall candy display shelves are always the most important parts for candy display.  We have a round tube acrylic display with the dispenser on top. While the candy display rack in below is equipped with standard candy display jars.  Down to the bottom part of the wall cabinet.  We build a storage cabinet with a 650mm height. So you can put more stock underneath.

candy display

Cute candy shape display rack is eye-catch stands in the middle of the store. Where you can display as many popular sweets as possible.  Those displays are most views and easy access. So, vendors must use those display to increase the main sales. round and curves are the most popular stripes in a professional candy store. Organic fixures will be most welcome.

The lights used in a candy store are also Have a knack idea. You can not use the spotlight directly shot on some certain products. The best ideas are to use plane light or lightbox to give a diffused and soft light. If you can make the light in some kinds of cloud shape or floating style will be perfect.

candy store fixtures

Unique Kiosk is a leading candy store fixtures for candy store display. We offer retail candy carts for sale. Mall used candy kiosk design and candy store accessories.  If you starting a  candy sweet related business. Welcome to visit our site and chose the best display fixtures. We always provide high-quality candy display solution with affordable cost.

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