Sweet candy carts design in the mall with the best price for sale

Sweet candy carts are very good business ideas for new starters. You can make a small push candy carts business with a small budget. This is why open a small candy cart business is good for the new businessman. Usually, the new businessman doesn’t have much money and they want to test the market first. So we suggest them to make a small candy food cart to try first. If you have an idea want to make a customize candy cart, please feel free to contact Unique Kiosk Furniture Ltd.

White color simple candy cart design

We offer different angles and views of the carts & kiosk when we making the 3D design. No matter wooden candy kiosk or cotton candy carts are the same. Here is the top view of the candy cart.

From the top view of this candy cart. We can see the layout of the candy cart. It has a small cashier counter on the left side. The middle is the display area with the candy boxes. And the right side also has 3 layers of shelves that can display some products here. The size of the candy boxes and the shape we can customize as your need. For the quantity of the candy boxes, it will depend on the size of the candy food cart. If the size of the candy food cart bigger, it can put more candy boxes. But if the size of the candy food cart smaller, it cannot put so many candy boxes. The size of the candy food cart can customize for you as your need too.



Customize the candy cart for you

This small candy food cart with a size of 2.4 meters long and 1.5 meters wide. Meanwhile, the candy food cart can easily move and stopped by a thin girl. On the bottom of the candy food cart, we will install the wheels for you. So you don’t need to worry about if you can move it very hard or not. We made a cashier counter on the back of the candy cart, so you can safe about your money. On each layer under the candy boxes, we will install the white color Led strip light for you. And if you need more lights on the candy cart, we can also install it for you. On the primary design, we do have a lighted roof.

The material of the candy cart is MDF with white baking paint. But if you want other colors, we can customize a new one for you. Because we are a customized factory, so we can make the candy cart with any color you like.


The package and the shipment of the candy cart

Because this candy cart is not too big, so we will make it in a whole set. And we will pack it into one package. The package is foam inside and a wooden box outside. We will protect the corner and with the film. Finally, we will put it inside a strong wooden box. Our wooden package is very strong and suitable for shipping. This is in order to let our customers don’t need to worry about it will damage during the shipping.

If the customer don’t have a forwarder in China, we can arrange the shipping for you. Please send us the nearest destination sea port from you and then we will check the shipping cost for you. Also, if you want the door to door service, please send your detailed address to us, we will check the shipping cost of the door to door service. Thanks a lot.



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